The Flipping Blog #3

It’s so fluffy! 

Today, we will be finally addressing the question you have all been asking… what makes our pancakes so fluffy? Alrighty, time to put your lab coats on, we are getting scientific. 

Flour contains a protein called glutenin (or gluten as you’d probably know it by). When moisture is introduced the gluten molecules activate and become elastic and springy. During mixing these gluten molecules collide with each other and bond, as mixing continues they are able to join together enough to join like a web, capable of trapping air bubbles. 

If that got a bit technical, essentially it’s all the up to having a good flour that can capture the air bubbles as they form when cooking. So, for the fluffiest pancakes you need a high quality flour suited to the job (a lot of pressure I know). 

Wonderful, now we have a way of trapping the air bubbles we can start getting some fluffiness. So how do we get air bubbles in there? That is where good old baking powder and bicarbonate soda comes in. When introduced to heat, these leaveners create BUBBLES. 

But not to worry, we took care of all the ingredient balancing, testing and refining for you. That way you can just sit back and enjoy perfectly fluffy protein pancakes all the time. 

Hot tip.

Don’t over mix!

Remember when we mentioned mixing causes the gluten to activate, well if you over mix this eventually has the opposite effect and can actually REDUCE YOUR FLUFFINESS!! Nooooooo. 

So for best results we recommend; folding the mixture until combined and don’t worry about getting each and every little lump out! 

That’a all for this blog. Happy flipping!

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