The Flipping Blog #2

An inside look.

Welcome back to the blog family, today I wanted to talk a little about our origins and what goes on behind the scenes. So I’ll start by introducing myself, my name is Luke and I am the owner and operator. I am actually a qualified commercial pilot and when I found myself grounded in the midst of the pandemic I had this wonderful idea to start TPP. 


As a bit of a pancake fanatic (you’d hope so), I found myself attempting and seriously failing at homemade protein pancake recipes. The flavour was awful, the texture was either like cardboard or complete mush, particularly if they ever involved banana or just adding a random scoop of flavoured protein powder. So I set to developing a protein pancake recipe that I actually loved. 

I knew for me to approve of the recipe I would personally have to love and use it all the time, so it had to be easy and healthy (and properly fluffy). Over the next 6 months we developed 3 flavours, which after lots of taste testing (aka forcing my friends and family to eat excessive amounts of pancakes) we were ready to launch with a product I couldn’t be prouder of. 

So now we are on a mission to make pancakes a frequent breakfast option without compromising on taste, texture or nutrition.

Picture from our lates pancake day at Rock Solid Gym! 

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