The Flipping Blog #1

Hey you, welcome to our flipping blog! 


We wanted a way to keep you guys up to date and provide some flipping useful information. Particularly when we have implemented changes to our site, services or pancakes. This way we can also address any frequently asked questions, post about upcoming pancake-day events and anything else newsworthy. 

So here is your first flipping update… 


We are currently trialling subscriptions on our ‘Stacks’ so that you can save your money and time by leaving it to us. Your pancakes, your way, delivered when you like. 

This is an option that can be selected on the product page of 'The Stacks' as a purchase option. Don't worry everything is still fully customisable from within your profile and you can cancel at absolutely any time, with no fees. After all, this is to make things easier for you... not harder. 


Feel free to contact us if you do have any questions about this at all, or even any suggestions for us! Would love to hear from you.

Pancake days / Events. 

  • Pancake Day - 11/09/21 - 8:00 to 11:00 at Rock Solid 247 Gym. 
  • ICN South Australia Competition Day - 3/10/21 at Norwood Concert Hall 

We are super excited to be visiting Rock Solid 247 Gym again for their 5th Birthday celebrations, we will be cooking up free samples all day and will have all our bags available for purchase. As for October, we will be attending our very first competition we have sponsored, ICN SA

Great to see a competition like this still going ahead during these trying times where a great number have been postponed or cancelled completely. The competitors will be getting a sample bag of pancakes and there will be some full-sized pancake bags up for grabs for the prize winners. Super excited to be a part of such a big and well-respected competition here in South Australia! Come down to support and grab some free pancakes as well.

That is all for now family. See you in the next one. 


The Protein Pancake Team.


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