The Flipping Blog #4 - Protein

We put the protein in protein pancake. But let’s help you put enough protein in your diet

Calculating your daily protein goals can be confusing to say the least, so we wanted to do the research and make it easy for

1. Knowing the recommended daily intake or RDA is an important baseline. So head to the link below, punch in some details and it will pop out your RDA of macro nutrients + vitamins and minerals (which we really like as it’s not all about macro’s).  

RDA Macro nutrients + Vitamins and Minerals calculator.


2. Notice how there was no tailoring of the calculation based on personal goals, activity level etc… yeah well let’s get personal with it baby. 

Protein Calculator.

This is a link to the Nerd Fitness Protein Calculator which let’s you customise the conditions more. They have also based their protein recommendations off of scientific studies (which we LOVEEEE).

Now you know your RDA and a more specific protein RANGE recommendation. You’re welcome x

Building muscle

Yeah yeah we have all heard protein is the building blocks for growing muscle… 

However, a higher protein range might be beneficial. Not so much in gaining more muscle, but to minimize fat gain during a ‘bulking’ phase. Pubmed Reference


Losing weight

Protein is the macro nutrient that is always hard at work, not being stored like carbohydrates and fat. These two, can be used to fuel your body. 

So if you don’t eat enough protein during a calorie deficit then your body may turn to the muscles for it’s need. Eeeeekkk… we want to point that calorie deficit at burning fat not our

How many pancakes should I eat then? 

Yes this is the question we are all actually interested in…

Remember, 1 pancake = 1 serve (if you make it to size). Thus:

1 pancake = 10g of protein (roughly) 

2 = 20g

3 = 30g 

If you can eat 4+ congrats you’re getting 40+ grams of protein to start your day. 

So, if your RDA is 50-70g of protein then you are well on your way to achieving your protein goals for the day. 

Using the other calculator it is likely higher than this, however, it should put you well on your way to achieving your protein goals. 


Worried about eating too much

Here is a good link that suggests there are no negative effects on healthy individuals (without liver and kidney problems).

Also best to slowly ramp up your protein intake rather than devouring 12 protein pancakes a day after this… 


Please note

This is all for educationally purposes only and is only provided as information. But we hope it helps you on your fitness journey!

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