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Which protein pancake mix is the best?

Which protein pancake mix is the best?

Today we thought we would answer the biggest and probably most important question ever... who makes the best protein pancake mix? 🧐🥞


Well it would be a bit bias if we didn't give some options so here is a comparison of different protein pancake brands. Here's a pros and cons list of both so you can pick what's best for you! (for macros we will compare on per 100g basis) 

protein pancake mix comparison photo the protein pancake macro mike and muscle nation

Macro Mike

Macros per 100g: 20.3g protein - 4.6g fat - 42.6g carbs - 14.8g sugars
Serving size: 75g / 4 serves per bag / 300g pouch
Calories per serve: 282.8 

Price: $19.95 for 300g


  • Vegan (almond protein)
  • Mix with plant based milk
  • 2 flavours (original and choc)
  • Good natural ingredients 
  • 87 Decent reviews
  • Reusable bag for multiple flip ups


  • Mix with plant based milk (extra calories)
  • Made in Aus from less than 10% Aussie ingredients
  • High fat, really high sugars and quite high calories
  • Can't use water, some of the reviews mention it doesn't turn out as well with water instead of plant based milk 


Muscle Nation

Macros per 100g: 13.3g protein - 2.7g fat - 16.7g carbs - 1.8g sugars
Serving size: 90g serves / 200g bottle
Calories per serve: 134

Price: $12 for 200g bottle


  • Convenient bottle (also a con)
  • Low sugar
  • Cheap price 
  • 121 positive reviews
  • Can use water 


  • One flavour option
  • Plastic bottle, single use and throw away
  • Not so natural ingredients 
  • Made in Aus from completely imported ingredients
  • Low protein per 100g


The Protein Pancake

Macros per 100g: 27.3g protein - 1.1g fat - 54.2g carbs - 1.8g sugar
Serving size: 40g serves / 500g or 1kg bag options
Calories per serve: 138

Price: $29 for 500g - $49 for 1kg 


  • 221 positive reviews
  • Made in Australia from 93% Australian ingredients
  • Highest protein per 100g out of the list
  • Lowest fat per 100g out of the list
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Just add water 
  • 4 flavour options & 2 bag sizes 
  • Reusable bag for multiple flip ups
  • Provides recipes and different ways to flip!


  • Highest carbs (due to the use of flour instead of filler ingredients)
  • Not as many stockists 
  • Probably a bias review lol


We tried our best to just lay out the facts and let you guys be the judge rather than giving personal comparisons and judgments on the pancakes. Please feel free to do your own research and check out their reviews as well before making your decision and maybe even try them all. Full credit to the other brands for whipping up some awesome protein pancakes as well! 💛🥞

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