Better ingredients means better pancakes.

From the very beginning of The Protein Pancake we set out to use great quality, Australian ingredients to provide an authentic and homely recipe. See below for information on our ingredients!


Australian ingredients!

Ingredient list.

Flavouring Powders.

We source all of our flavouring powders for each flavour from a company in Victoria, Australia which makes all of their own flavours.

The recommended description of these is 'natural flavours' but in the spirit of full transparency we have created a full breakdown list of components in each compound ingredient, including additive code numbers for anyone who is interested.

Please Note 📝: the technical labels of these items generally sounds worse than they actually are (this is why labelling guidelines allow and suggest the use of 'natural flavours' as the description'. For this reason we have provided a short description of the product for informative purposes.

These are also used in small percentages in our pancake mix and we tried to select the best on the market for quality and natural ingredients. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us! 😊

Please note.


All pancake mixes contain Dairy from the Whey Protein.

Our products could have traces of allergens such as; soy, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. However, our facility does not handle any of the listed allergens directly but to be safe and to account for our ingredient suppliers... we have to consider any possibilities and look after all of our customers.

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