Cookies & Cream

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Cookies & Cream Protein Pancake Mix

Hi, I'm Cookies & Cream. Pleasure to meet you. I have a smooth, creamy taste and I'm mixed with real cookie crumb pieces! Indulge in warm bits of cookie whilst we recreate the classic dessert flavour you love, in pancake form. I might seem naughty with my dark, handsome design... but I still keep it clean. 

The Large option for Cookies & Cream will be 2x 500g bags at this time. :)  

Size: Medium - 500g

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Absolutely love these pancakes! They are a little higher in kilojoules than the buttermilk and the chocolate but definitely worth it! Yummo

meena sundram
Best pancakes in the world

second flavour I am trying and its amazing. Bought a mixture of Cookies and cream and salted caramel the last time and am amazed by the flavour and texture. My everyday go to snack for sure.....


Yummy flavour

Let's compare.

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3 x 500g bags

3 x 1kg bags

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A$5.8 / 100g

A$5.00 / 100g

A$3.67 / 100g


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