The Pancake Pan

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A pan so good you barely need Butter! 🧈

Hi, I'm The Pancake Pan. I was born to be the best pan for your pancakes. I'm coated in ceramic so I'm naturally non-stick, free from harmful chemicals and scratch resistant! My even heat distribution ensures your pancakes are always cooked to perfection. Plus you can use me on any cooking surface, induction or gas! I come in a cream colour with a comfortable wooden handle. Your other pots and pans might be jealous, but I'll be a great addition to the cupboard!

I've even got a lower edge so you can get the right angle to flip your pancakes with ease (well we are setting you up for success). Being ceramic, you can rest assured knowing there are no unwanted materials seeping into your food, and I can handle the heat without cracking under pressure!

Non-toxic, PFAS & PFOA free!

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so delicious and fast delivery!
will be buying again

Vivienne West
Best non-stick pan I've ever used

This pan was perfect! Even the first pancake came out ok and not one even showed a hint of sticking. This is one good quality pan.
Unfortunately, I suspect this pan will encourage me to eat pancakes frequently :-(

Veronika Bolyssova

The Pancake Pan

The Scraper

Your best friend whilst mixing your batter, and scraping every last bit into the pan!

The Flipper

A custom wooden spatula, sized to perfection for ease of flipping.

The Pancake Pan

Our ceramic pancake pan. Naturally non-stick & perfectly shaped for pancakes. Designed with low sides so it's easy to get your flip on!


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