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Easter Surprise Pancake Stack

Easter Surprise Pancake Stack

Celebrate Easter with a fun and delicious twist on traditional pancakes! Introducing our Easter Surprise Protein Pancakes, made with our Buttermilk protein pancake mix and a colourful burst of M&am...

Topping IdeaFluffy chocolate protein pancakes topped with warm blueberry compote, drizzled with melted dark chocolate and maple syrup

Chocolate Blueberry Bliss Protein Pancakes

Whip up a delightful breakfast treat with our Chocolate Blueberry Bliss Protein Pancakes! These scrumptious pancakes feature our Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix and are bursting with warm, juicy blue...

RecipeProtein Pancake Tacos Recipe

Protein Pancake Tacos Recipe

Maple Bacon Protein Pancake Tacos! Start your morning off right with this delightful twist on pancakes. Our Maple Bacon flavoured protein pancake mix creates a delicious, high-protein base, while t...

Topping Ideadelicious strawberry and biscoff protein pancake stack with the protein pancake Buttermilk mix

Strawberry Biscoff Stack

Fresh Strawberries, crunch from the Biscoff crumb and get saucy with Maple syrup and or a Biscoff sauce as well!

Recipeprotein pancake mix chocolate muffin recipe

Choc protein banana muffins

This choc protein banana muffin recipe is such a quick and delicious way to whip up a healthy snack for the week. Guilt free snacking! Should make about 12 muffins! Packed full of protein and so yu...

RecipeDelicious Baked Chocolate Pancakes with Berries

Baked Chocolate Protein Pancake

Fancy mixing up your pancake breakfast? Try this super easy baked protein pancake recipe.  Grab your baking tray and let's get flipping... well baking this time.